Want to learn more about digital marketing/internet marketing? You’re in the right place.

At the DM Dojo, we teach by sharing our experience.

We do not teach theory.

We provide precise instructions on what we did to achieve a desired outcome.

We provide video training so you can always come back to a task and execute it flawlessly.

Whether it is link building, traffic generation, social media or converstion rate optimisation – the DM Dojo will help you!

Our philosophy.

Do no harm. Measure everything.

At its core, Digital marketing is about flawless execution. In order to achieve flawless execution, we need to practice.

From the flawless execution of proven strategies and tactics, emerge the desired outcomes.

Who should join the DM Dojo?

The Digital Marketing Dojo was built for those wanting to learn more about Digital Marketing and those who simply want to expand their existing knowledge of Digital Marketing.

It was built for those interested in knowing how to execute flawlessly and generate measurable outcomes for themselves, their clients or employer.

Who is Marc Trimble?

I was raised in Austin Texas in the 70’s and can still feel the cold waters of Barton Springs on my skin. I moved to Minnesota when I was 19 to attend the University of Minnesota.

At the U of M we used Gopher and IRC to chat with friends across the country on other college campuses.  AOL was hot! At 23 I obtained my first all-commission sales job in Minneapolis. It was there that I learned how to sell and hardwire a “fail fast” mentality.  Netscape was the browser of choice until 1995 and the internet was blowing up with the appearance of Internet Explorer.

There were something like 25,000 web pages. I started learning anything and everything about this thing called “the internet”.

I began to use the internet and early emailing systems to reach more prospects at my sales job. Over the next 21 years I would experience building over 400 websites using tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, Mambo CMS, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, blogspot.com and others.

I started my own consultancy and dove into e-commerce. I created platform specific SEO services for over 35,000 customers of one of the largest PHP based shopping carts online. I was fortunate enough to experience hundreds of website builds followed by hundreds of online marketing campaigns.


I hope you find the digitalmarketingdojo.com useful and most importantly I hope it inspires you to excel and contribute in this life.