Tuesday, 3 July 2012

0 Digital Marketing Case Study 2: An International High Fashion Brand Specializing in Leather & Perfumery

Client Brief:  The client has requested to duplicate a previously running search engine advertising account and find ways to further reduce cost per click and maximise total spend. 
Challenges: Lowering cost per click bids on keywords that are crucial to bringing more sales can do damage to the total effectiveness of an ad campaign because the ads simply will not show and will lose its total purpose if the bids have been placed too low.  

What I Did: By analysing previous data derived before the time I have acquired the account, I have discovered that the bid for the branded campaigns can be lowered significantly as it has lesser competition and higher relevance.  I created separate campaigns focusing on branded keywords, and set a much lower bid amount without affecting overall ad exposure.  

Outcome:  A separate campaign focusing on specific brands allowed me to significantly lower the costs per click bid of each keyword being targeted without sacrificing ad exposure.  The average cost per click of the branded campaign has been lowered from $0.37 to $0.06 in one month through calculated bid management.  This resulted to remaining funds which we then leveraged to help non branded keywords achieve dominance in their own search fields.  Extra funds saved from the new campaign also used to target new markets for the fashion brand such as watches, men’s apparel, etc.

Monday, 2 July 2012

0 Digital Marketing Case Study: Google Adwords Strategy for a National Australian University

Client Brief:  The client needs ad management and constant analysis and insights of their ever changing search engine advertising campaigns
Challenges: Managing a significant amount of online ads in a university setting involves a lot of ad updating due to dynamic changes in university schedules (mid-year intake, entrance exams schedule, enrolment, etc.) as well as high competition in the industry. 

My Strategy: I have created highly specific and granular campaigns, dividing the ads into different locations, courses, and areas of interest to allow better management and updating.

Outcome:  Highly specific and granular ads resulted to higher ad relevance and generally much lower cost per click bids.  Highly specific landing pages related to the ads also led to higher conversion rates.  An example of this is the conversion on the Victoria enrolment campaign which grew from 60 to 108 in one month.  And because the ads are specific to the courses and locations, I was able to generate reports that inform the client which programs and courses have more or less customer response, whether it is for post graduate, bachelor, diploma, or TAFE, etc.  These reports are now being used in their high level marketing strategy.


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